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Looking for window tinting and/or window treatments in South Florida? Look no further than Solar Pro, Inc. Affordable Window Protection. For Residential or Commercial, we offer Affordable Window Tinting and treatments with expert installation. We serve Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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Commercial Window Tinting


Commercial Window Tinting

Our installation team specializes in all types of commercial window tinting, including office buildings, high rise, storefronts, glass wall and interior glass partitions. Quality window films block 99% of harmful UV rays (both UVA and UVB) and up to 84% of the Total Solar Energy.

Residential Window Tinting

Our residential window tinting services include single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, lofts, multi-section, sunrooms and glass rooms. With a large selection of brandname premium grade window films customers can choose from ultra-clear, medium or dark. Quality window films block 99% of harmful UV rays (both UVA and UVB) and up to 84% of the Total Solar Energy Rejection.

Privacy Films

Our decorative and frosted window film patterns are ideal to create a premium custom look to fit any decor. Whether you are looking to create a private, semi-private or upscale custom pattern you can choose from hundreds of specialized decorative window films.

Specialty Window Films

We install a wide variety of specialty window films. Safety and security films are made with extra layers to give maximum safety from the shattering of glass. Ultra-Clear films are based on new technology that reduces heat transmission without reducing your visible light transmission. Anti-graffiti films are designed to protect your glass from the perils of vandals and scratching.

Window Treatments:
Blinds & Shades

We entered the window treatment market at the request of our customers years ago and realized it really is a perfect fit and complement to our window film business because of the added benefits, value, privacy, and beauty that window treatment offers. We help our customers by increasing comfort, style, and privacy with the best quality of material, brands, and styles from many well-known manufacturers.

About Us

SolarPro, Inc. provides Affordable Window Tinting for residential window tinting, commercial window tinting and house window tinting. We proudly serve Fort Lauderdale, Miami Dade, Weston, Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton, Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. We help customers reduce energy costs, increase comfort, provide privacy and improve aesthetics at the best rates.

Benefits of Window Film


High quality window film blocks up to 84% of the total solar energy. Blocking solar energy will reduce the heat and make your home or office environment more comfortable.


High quality window film blocks up to 99% of harmful UVA & UVB  rays. UV rays are a contributing factor to the fading of furnishing and decor. The use of window film is also endoresed by the skin cancer foundation to help diminish the chance of skin related illness.


Since window film blocks up to 84% of the total solar energy, the total amount of energy used by our air conditioner to reduce the temperature is dramatically decreased. In addition to saving on electric consumption the air conditioning equipment does not have to work as hard and extends the useful life of the equipment.


Window film reduce bothersome glare by up to 95%. Window film comes in clear, light, medium or dark depending on your choice. The viewing optical clarity is improved and viewing of computers, monitors and electronic equipment is greatly enhanced.


Specialty window films such as one way mirror and dual reflective films are available to increase your privacy by restricting a person’s ability to see in during the day. For complete privacy both day and night window films such as white frost, black out, and white opaque block the ability for someone to see in to your home or office.


Window film improves the optical clarity of the view and improves the asthetic appeal of any home or office. With many shades to pick from the careful selection of window film with enhance your property value.


Safety and Security window films work by helping to hold glass shards together in the event of breakage. Depending on the application many different thicknesses are available to accomodate your needs and level of safety and security.

“They did an outstanding job, and didn’t charge. They actually lowered the price when they saw it wouldn’t take as much time as expected. They removed old window tint, and then put up posters in the outside of our windows. One of the posters was damaged though, so he put it up for a photo shoot we had, and then came back a week later at no extra charge to put up the new replacement poster. Excellent service!!

Diana Davis

Happy Residential Tinting Buyer

“My experience with Solar Pro Weston was great since the first call. They gave me the estimate right after I sent them the pictures of my windows and I they were able to get the whole service done after 4 days since my first call. They arrived on time and the windows looked perfect after few hours. Jaime and Junior were very professionals and I could’ve be happier with the price, service and of course my beautiful windows! I highly recommend It!”

Jessica Bowen

Happy Commercial Tinting Buyer

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